The Troll XML namespace


This page is intended to sum up my opinion on useless, time-wasting questions (trolls) that I frequently meet and in which I strongly feel concerned.

The idea came when I started a troll comparing the respective stability and performance of Microsoft Windows and Gentoo Linux.
I used to enclose my trolls between <troll> and </troll> tags, and I realized it could be even funnier with an XML namespace: <troll xmlns=""> Some critical remark </troll>

This namespace is subject to change, including modifications that could break backward compatibility.

Last update on March 28, 2009

Critical points

Spaces or tabs?

Tabs, definitely.
Spaces should be used for alignment, never for indentation.
See why: rationale (to be written).

Windows or GNU/Linux?

I used to answer OpenBSD, because I found it geekier than Linux and it was a way to slag off people considering themselves as computer gurus because of their use of Linux. At that time, Linux was not accessible to your average Joe.
Since then, Linux has become much more user-friendly (I've installed it on my parents' computer), Microsoft published Windows Vista and, last but not least, I've learned to use and to love it.
So, now, my answer is Linux. Definitely.

Vim or Emacs?

Real programmers use butterflies (
I hate Emacs but I use it at work, I also use Vim when working with 2 GiB+ files.
I prefer Notepad++ and Microsoft Visual Studio with Visual Assist X, definitely.

C or C++ or Java?

D. The language in itself is a sufficient explanation.
Java is definitely not an option.

Python or Ruby?

Python, even if I like Ruby a lot.

Microsoft's Zune or Apple's iPod?

I bought Cowon's iAudio. It reads Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, is compatible with any operating system, and does not require particular software to be installed.
Cowon does not support any campaign in favor of DRM.


For more information about XML namespaces, please refer to Namespaces in XML.

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