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I'm twenty-five, I'm a enthusiast computer scientist and a casual musician.
My chosen fields of expertise are data compression, artificial intelligence (especially in video games) and natural language processing.

I gratuated from the EPITA and the university of Paris X in january 2009, I should get my dipoma of computer engineering and my master in natural language processing in a few months.
Till then, I hold a scientific baccalauréat and a bachelor degree in computer science.
I'm currently working at Exalead as a natural language processing developer.

Last updates

June, 13 2009
Updated my Facebook's page URL (a lot more readable since one may chose his username).
Added the project pages for lcomp and genbotIA
Added this English version of the main page.
Added a page for all this website's updates (in French).
Added a cascading style sheet (CSS) to make this website a bit more readable.
Added the paragraph about my homonyms.
April, 30 2009
It's my birthday. I'm now twenty-three.

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